I am a researcher at the Chair of Communication and Distributed Systems (COMSYS) at RWTH Aachen University. I began my studies in Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University in 2009, received my B.Sc. degree in 2012, and graduated with M.Sc. degree in 2014. I then joined COMSYS as a researcher and PhD student in January 2015 and became part of the Security and Privacy as well as the Network Architectures research groups.

I am interested in security and privacy in communication systems especially focusing on today’s prominent security protocols and the Internet of Things. In the project SSICLOPS, I worked on the privacy aware storage and handling of data in the cloud and federated clouds. In CONNECT, I work on secure communication solutions for smart grids.

For summer 2018 and 2019, I joined Vern Paxson’s Networking & Security Group at ICSI (International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, California, USA) as Short Term Graduate Student Researcher. This position focuses on analysis of the Internet Public Key Infrastructure under supervision of Dr. Johanna Amann.